The French Bakery (A true delight)

We recently visited the French Bakery in Chhetrapati to see just what it is that makes it such a sought after eatery.

It is the place itself that hits you first. The layout is your typical crash pad, ideal for hours of meaningful discussions, a quiet space for your reading-studying indulgences and a cozy area for some intimate moments with your loved one. Top it off with good food, and what better heaven could there be?

Fronting the bakery is a large shelf that bears magazines and jars of spices and cups and all things that don’t look like they belong together. But it’s the chaos that gives the bakery an aesthetic appeal.The menu is a work in progress. They are developing their own vegan menu, gluten free cakes and specials that change on a daily basis. There’s so much to choose from but it gets harder to narrow down your order. Not only does everything sounds interesting, but the food here tastes amazing as well. The food comes with many side dishes and each one is a visual delight.Impossible to miss are the cakes. There’s the chocolate truffle – it’s so rich and good that you will want to go back for more. There are brownies too that are equally delightful. For the next birthday celebration, look no more  the French Bakery is right here.