Sweden Vs Switzerland | Pre-Match Analysis Round of 16

Hopes run high for both the teams after positive qualifying campaigns. It’s been 24 years since Sweden reached the last eight. The Swiss, on the other hand, haven’t played a World Cup quarter-final since 1954. Needless to say, both teams need this, but who will grab this opportunity – an in-depth analysis on the possibilities.

Belgium Vs Japan | Pre-Match Analysis Round of 16

Will Belgium – the leading goalscorers in the group phase continue their winning streak, or will the surprise Asian squad win their first round of 16 match? Before you pick sides hear Sanjib Mishra’s analysis on how this match  could pan out.

Brazil Vs Mexico | Pre-Match Analysis Round of 16

Brazil managed to summit Group E despite their slow start. Will Brazil bring out the ace performance expected of the five-time word cup winners? Or, will Mexico exhibit the momentum we saw against Germany to defy history and defeat the Brazilians.

Spain Vs Russia | Pre-match Analysis Round of 16

काउन्टर अट्याकमा फाइदा लिने रूसी लक्ष्य
आयोजक रूसले आइतबार विश्वकपअन्तर्गत अन्तिम १६ को खेलमा स्पेनको चुनौती पन्छाउन समूहचरणका पहिला दुई खेलमा गरेजस्तै जुझारु प्रदर्शन दोहोर्याउन आवश्यक छ । समूह ‘बी’ को विजेताको रूपमा नकआउट चरण प्रवेश गरेको स्पेनले समूह चरणमा सोचेअनुरूप नतिजा भने ल्यान सकेको थिएन – विश्लेषण नागरिक नेटवर्कमा।

Can Russia bring back the bang they started the World Cup with, or will Spain continue their streak – they have not lost a match since Euro 2016 – get an in-depth perspective and weigh the odds of both  teams.

France Vs Argentina | Pre-Match Analysis FIFA 2018: Round of 16

फ्रान्स र अर्जेन्टिना भिड्दै

विश्वकप फुटवलमा आजदेखि नकअाउट चरणका खेल प्रारम्भ हुँदैछन् । आज पहिलो खेलमा फ्रान्स र अर्जेन्टिना भिड्दैछन् ।